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In-person training

At Petroshore, we believe that in-person training is an irreplaceable experience that offers unique benefits for professional and personal development. Our face-to-face training are designed to provide comprehensive and dynamic learning, where participants can interact directly with industry experts and their peers, fostering an environment collaborative and enriching.

Petroshore Compliance Business School

Petroshore Compliance Business School is a renowned international institution dedicated to training in fraud prevention, compliance regulatory (compliance) and behavioral sciences. Offers more than 500 courses and programs executives, including the prestigious ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). These face-to-face training, detailed in its catalogue, are designed to develop professional skills and improve the human capital of companies.

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Petroshore Compliance Business School Petroshore Compliance Business School


ECOmpliancePirineos is a unique training experience which combines personalized face-to-face courses with activities in the Pyrenees. During several days, participants receive intensive training, network, participate in hands-on activities, enjoy local cuisine, and participate in team building and ecotourism. This holistic approach not only provides a certification, but also encourages the development of interpersonal and professional skills in a inspiring natural environment.

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ECOmpliancePirineos ECOmpliancePirineos

International Experience

Petroshore's International Experience courses are designed for groups and taught in the language of the students, in different countries. These personalized programs, which typically last five days (30 hours), combine theory and practical and are taught by international experts. Each course is adapted to the specific business needs, focusing on critical areas that drive business growth and fulfillment. Furthermore, the cultural immersion during these courses has a positive impact on employee development, strengthening the company and providing competitive advantages in a globalized market.

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International Experience International Experience