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Petroshore Compliance is a company specialized in the prevention of corporate crimes and occupational frauds, offering comprehensive solutions for the prevention and treatment of illegal acts within organizations. Based in various countries, including Brazil, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Angola, Petroshore combines consulting and training to create an effective corporate compliance culture.

The company is internationally recognized and has been named by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) as the exclusive center for the CFE Review Course in Portuguese-speaking countries. This course provides the most prestigious credential for specialists in the prevention and fraud investigation.

Services and Specialization

Services and Specialization

Petroshore Compliance specializes in several key areas:

  • Creation of Compliance Departments: Implementation of regulatory and behavioral compliance management systems.
  • Fraud Investigation and Evaluation: Loss prevention analysis, fraud investigation and evaluation of the effectiveness of internal controls.
  • Consulting and Training: Development of integrity and anti-corruption programs, and management of reporting channels.
  • Disaster Prevention and Recovery: Cybersecurity management and disaster recovery plans.
  • Software development: Creation of technological solutions to support the management of compliance and anti-fraud programs, including the management of reporting channels, the development of behavioral profiles and the evaluation of fraud.



Petroshore is dedicated to providing high quality training, designed to meet the educational needs of professionals and executives in various industries. Our commitment to educational excellence is reflected in the wide variety of programs and courses we offer, both in person and online, covering key areas such as regulatory compliance, risk management, fraud prevention and forensic investigation.

Philosophy and Values

Philosophy and Values

Petroshore Compliance is distinguished by its comprensive approach that combines consulting and practical training. With more than 12,500 successful cases and a reputation for leadership in the compliance sector, the company promotes the strengthening of individual and group competencies. Its highly qualified collaborators work to offer experiences of excellence to its clients, ensuring the effective application of the compliance programs and protection from fraud and other corporate crimes.